One of our philosophies of our airline start-up business is that where possible, we endeavour to take an equity position in our clients’ businesses. We do this for two reasons: Firstly, we believe they run sound and sustainable businesses, and secondly because it both entrenches our position  as an aircraft and service provider. It provides us with rights of insight into the inner workings of their businesses. That way we are able to bring into play a greater degree of foresight and anticipation of their future business trends and prospects, allowing us to plan accordingly.


In summarized terms, the core business of JetAfrique Aviation comprises 3 key focus areas:
  • Aircraft Sales;
  • Dry Leasing;
  • Aircraft Leasing: Wet Lease, Aircraft Charter and Operations management; 
  • Airline Startups
Our focus is on the sale of airliners. We have also imported and sold a number of business jets into South Africa and remain closely associated with the owners and operations. We can operate from  either Lanseria International Airport in Johannesburg or Virginia Airport in Durban. Aircraft include Gulfstreams, Cessna Citations and Beechcraft King Airs.
G650 Pic
This remains the principle part of our business and we have structured our operation around it.
We provide clients with a “complete aviation solution” from supplying the correct aircraft to having the capability to crew the aircraft, maintain it, as well as to supply the full operational logistics, staff, flight planning and monitoring, aircraft dispatching and receiving, on-board catering etc.

We provide a turn-key product. We provide the aircraft, we crew them, we maintain them and we insure them. We provide the full operational support. As a result we are perfectly placed as the preferred consultants for Airline Start-Up. We are able to design routes, deal directly with aircraft suppliers, provide our own aircraft to set up, establish ground staff, flight deck crew (cockpit), cabin crew and provide on-going support and training. We have the management skills and experience to oversee the establishment of an airline operation and have specific skill and experience of doing so in Africa. We know the African environment and have worked throughout Africa.

Our Dry Leases and Dry Lease/Purchases are directed towards African and the Middle Eastern operators. Our hands-on management approach allows airlines, normally precluded from Dry Leasing, to enter a Dry Lease and even acquire title to the aircraft. JetAfrique's Capital Fund invests in the aircraft and we place these machines with airlines.

We have developed direct and personal relationships with certain Boeing executives that look after Africa and the Middle East, both from Boeing Aircraft Company as well as Boeing Capital Corporation. We are in talks with the latter to become their preferred supplier to consult with their own in-house airline start-up division.


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